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Customs SROs
01. SRO-163/2024 (Electric Motor Manufacturer)
02. SRO-178/2024 (Dengue Kit)
01. SRO-13/2024 (Amendment of Bonded Warehouse Licensing Rules-2008)
01. SRO-47/2020 replaced by SRO-54/2024 (Pre-arraival Processing)
02. SRO-118/2022 replaced by SRO-162/2024 (Capital Machinery)
03. SRO-119/2022 replaced by SRO-164/2024 (Industrial Raw Materials)
04. SRO-127/2021 replaced by SRO-165/2024 (Cellular Phone)
05. SRO-139/2022 replaced by SRO-166/2024 (Motor Cycle)
06. SRO-200/2022 replaced by SRO-167/2024 (Air Conditioner)
07. SRO-202/2022 replaced by SRO-168/2024 (ATM & CC Camera)
08. SRO-120/2021 replaced by SRO-169/2024 (Textile Machinery & Equipment)
09. SRO-161/2016 replaced by SRO-170/2024 (Pre-fabricated Building Structure)
10. SRO-135/2022 replaced by SRO-171/2024 (Generator Manufacturer)
11. SRO-120/2023 replaced by SRO-172/2024 (Switch Socket Raw Materials)
12. SRO-201/2022 replaced by SRO-173/2024 (LED & Energy Saving Lamp Mnfr.)
13. SRO-127/2022 replaced by SRO-174/2024 (CNG Conversion Kit)
14. SRO-122/2014 replaced by SRO-175/2024 (Medicine Raw Materials)
15. SRO-121/2021 repalced by SRO-176/2024 (Cancer Medicine Manufacturer)
16. SRO-127/2020 replaced by SRO-177/2024 (Active Pharmacutical Ingredient)
17. SRO-134/2017 replaced by SRO-179/2024 (Bio Hygenic Equipment)
18. SRO-144/2022 replaced by SRO-180/2024 (Reffaral Hospital)
19. SRO-70/2020 replaced by SRO-181/2024 (Electricity Equipment)
20. SRO-126/2021 replaced by SRO-182/2024 (Electricity Equip for Rampal)
21. SRO-58/2008 replaced by SRO-183/2024 (Electricity Equip for Rental Power)
22. SRO-124/2021 replaced by SRO-184/2024 (BEZA Capital Machinery)
23. SRO-208/2015 replaced by SRO-185/2024 (BEZA Developer)
24. SRO-210/2015 replaced by SRO-186/2024 (BEZA Transport)
25. SRO-212/2015 replaced by SRO-187/2024 (Hi-tech Park Capital Machinery)
26. SRO-352/2015 replaced by SRO-188/2024 (Hi-tech Park Developer)
27. SRO-213/2015 replaced by SRO-189/2024 (Hi-tech Park Transport)
28. SRO-143/2022 replaced by SRO-190/2024 (Poultry Industry Equipments)
29. SRO-369/2019 replaced by SRO-191/2024 (Seeds)
30. SRO-219/2019 replaced by SRO-192/2024 (Paper)
31. SRO-122/2022 replaced by SRO-193/2024 (Pre-fabricated Building)
32. SRO-199/2022 replaced by SRO-194/2024 (Refrigerator)
33. SRO-125/2021 replaced by SRO-195/2024 (Washing Machine)
34. SRO-116/2021 replaced by SRO-196/2024 (Computer Manufacturer)
35. SRO-122/2021 replaced by SRO-197/2024 (LPG Cylinder & Auto-Tank Mnfr)
36. SRO-157/2019 replaced by SRO-198/2024 (Lift Manufacturer)
37. SRO-373/2019 replaced by SRO-199/2024 (Coal for Power Plant)
38. SRO-146/2015 replaced by SRO-200/2024 (Raw Materials for Loom Industry)
01. SRO-120/2023 (Switch-Socket)
02. SRO-197/2023 (Regulatory Duty)
01. SRO-118/2022 amended by SRO-106/2023 (Capital Machinery)
02. SRO-119/2022 amended by SRO-107/2023 (Raw Materials)
03. SRO-124/2021 amended by SRO-108/2023 (BEPZA Capital Machinery)
04. SRO-127/2021 amended by SRO-109/2023 (Mobile Phone Manufacturer)
05. SRO-121/2021 amended by SRO-110/2023 (Cancer Drug)
06. SRO-122/2014 amended by SRO-111/2023 (Pharmaceutical)
07. SRO-116/2021 amended by SRO-112/2023 (Computer Manufacturer)
08. SRO-123/2022 amended by SRO-113/2023 (Computer Accessories)
09. SRO-56/2017 amended by SRO-114/2023 (EPZ)
10. SRO-201/2022 amended by SRO-115/2023 (LED Lamp)
11. SRO-128/2020 amended by SRO-116/2023 (Poultry Feed)
12. SRO-120/2021 amended by SRO-117/2023 (Textile)
13. SRO-70/2020 amended by SRO-118/2023 (Electricity)
14. SRO-139/2022 amended by SRO-119/2023 (Motorcycle)
15. SRO-122/2021 amended by SRO-122/2023 (LPG Cylinder)
16. SRO-157/2019 amended by SRO-123/2023 (Elevator-Lift)
17. SRO-199/2022 amended by SRO-124/2023 (Refrigerator)
18. SRO-142/2022 amended by SRO-125/2023 (Amusement Park)
19. SRO-122/2022 amended by SRO-127/2023 (Pre-febricated Building)
20. SRO-200/2022 amended by SRO-128/2023 (Airconditioner)
21. SRO-125/2021 amended by SRO-129/2023 (Washing Machine)
22. SRO-202/2022 amended by SRO-130/2023 (ATM)
23. SRO-373/2019 amended by SRO-131/2023 (Coal)
24. SRO-201/2022 amended by SRO-195/2023 (LED Lamp)
25. SRO-120/2023 amended by SRO-196/2023 (Switch-Socket)
26. SRO-212/2015 amended by SRO-199/2023 (Capital Machinery Import for Hi-tech Park)
27. SRO-127/2021 amended by SRO-200/2023 (Mobile Phone Manufacturer)
28. SRO-120/2021 amended by SRO-201/2023 (Textile)
29. Customs Agent Licensing Rules-2020 amended by SRO-239/2023
30. SRO-118/2022 amended by SRO-344/2023 (Capital Machinery)
01. SRO-222/2022 replaced by SRO-126/2023 (Regulatory Duty)
02. SRO-164/2016 replaced by SRO-132/2023 (Baggage Rules)
03. SRO-203/2022 replaced by SRO-134/2023 (Minimum Value)
04. SRO-133/2017 replaced by SRO-121/2023 (Mould Manufacturer)
05. SRO-134/2023 replaced by SRO-198/2023 (Minimum Value)
01. SRO-136/2022 repealed by SRO-105/2023 (Chain Hotel)
02. Pilgrims Baggage Rules, 1977 repealed by SRO-133/2023
01. SRO-122/2022 (Pre-febricated Building Structure)
02. SRO-121/2022 (Air Conditioner)
03. SRO-120/2022 (Refrigerator)
01. SRO-188/2016 amended by SRO-154/2022 (Advance Rulling Rules)
02. SRO-129/2020 amended by SRO-153/2022 (Agriculture Machinery)
03. SRO-63/2017 amended by SRO-152/2022 (EPZ Commissionerate)
04. SRO-56/2017 amended by SRO-151/2022 (Capital Machinery - EPZ Factory)
05. SRO-134/2020 amended by SRO-150/2022 (Import by EPZ's Investor)
06. SRO-120/2021 amended by SRO-148/2022 (Textile Machinery & Equipment)
07. SRO-130/2020 amended by SRO-145/2022 (Ship & Dredger)
08. SRO-128/2020 amended by SRO-141/2022 (Dairy/Poultry Feed)
09. SRO-122/2014 amended by SRO-140/2022 (Pharmaceutical)
10. SRO-127/2021 amended by SRO-138/2022 (Cellular Phone)
11. SRO-157/2019 amended by SRO-137/2022 (Elevator-Lift)
12. SRO-129/2021 amended by SRO-134/2022 (Firefighting Equipment)
13. SRO-116/2021 amended by SRO-133/2022 (Computer)
14. SRO-121/2021 amended by SRO-132/2022 (Cancer Drug)
15. SRO-127/2020 amended by SRO-131/2022 (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)
16. SRO-234/2021 amended by SRO-130/2022 (RD)
17. SRO-124/2021 amended by SRO-129/2022 (Economic Zone)
18. SRO-186/2020 amended by SRO-128/2022 (Agricultural Pesticide)
19. SRO-122/2021 amended by SRO-126/2022 (LPG Cylinder & Auto Tank)
20. SRO-234/2021 amended by SRO-107/2022 (RD)
01. SRO-151/2013 replaced by SRO-149/2022 (Tour Operator)
02. SRO-133/2021 replaced by SRO-147/2022 (Tarrif Value & Minimum Value)
03. SRO-155/2004 replaced by SRO-146/2022 (Solar Panel)
04. SRO-137/2009 replaced by SRO-144/2022 (Referral Hospital)
05. SRO-160/2012 replaced by SRO-143/2022 (Poultry Machinery & Equipment)
06. SRO-166/2016 replaced by SRO-142/2022 (Amusement Park)
07. SRO-223/2021 amended by SRO-139/2022 (Motorcycle)
08. SRO-50/2014 replaced by SRO-136/2022 (Int'l Standard Residential Hotel)
09. SRO-80/2007 replaced by SRO-135/2022 (Generator)
10. SRO-133/2020 replaced by SRO-127/2022 (CNG Convertion Kit)
11. SRO-152/2016 replaced by SRO-125/2022 (Leather Industries)
12. SRO-15/2019 replaced by SRO-124/2022 (Hi-tech Park)
13. SRO-125/2020 replaced by SRO-123/2022 (Computer & Computer Equipment)
14. SRO-114/2021 replaced by SRO-119/2022 (VAT Compliant Mfg. Industry)
15. SRO-75/2022 replaced by SRO-118/2022 (Capital Machinery)
16. SRO-113/2021 replaced by SRO-75/2022 (Capital Machinery)
17. Gazette Notification-46/2020 replaced by 62/2022 (Capital Machinery)
01. SRO-47/2017 repealed by SRO-117/2022 (SIM Card)
02. SRO-289/2021 repealed by SRO-116/2022 (Petrol Microbus)
01. SRO-184/2020 (Corona)
02. SRO-188/2020 (RD Impose)
03. SRO-266/2020 (CD, RD, SD, VAT, AT, AIT Exemption)
01. SRO-121/2020 amended by SRO-182/2020 (Capital Machinery)
02. SRO-122/2020 amended by SRO-183/2020 (Raw Materials)
03. SRO-135/2020 amended by SRO-185/2020 (TV)
04. SRO-123/2020 amended by SRO-187/2020 (Mobile Phone)
05. SRO-125/2020 amended by SRO-189/2020 (Computer)
06. SRO-126/2020 amended by SRO-190/2020 (LPG Cylinder)
07. SRO-127/2020 amended by SRO-191/2020 (API)
08. SRO-129/2020 amended by SRO-192/2020 (Agriculture Machinery)
09. SRO-131/2020 amended by SRO-193/2020 (Compress)
10. SRO-181/2008 amended by SRO-136/2020 (Bonded Warehouse Licensing Rules)
11. SRO-223/2019 amended by SRO-137/2020 (RD)
01. SRO-128/2017 replaced by SRO-121/2020 (Capital Machinery)
02. SRO-148/2018 replaced by SRO-122/2020 (Industrial Raw Materials)
03. SRO-132/2017 replaced by SRO-123/2020 (Cellular Phone)
04. SRO-158/2017 replaced by SRO-124/2020 (Fire Fighting Equipment)
05. SRO-136/2017 replaced by SRO-125/2020 (Computer & Comp. Accessories)
06. SRO-156/2011 & 179/2014 replaced by SRO-126/2020 (LPG Cylinder)
07. SRO-218/2018 replaced by SRO-127/2020 (Active Pharmaceutical Ingrediant)
08. SRO-130/2017 replaced by SRO-128/2020 (Poultry Feed)
09. SRO-154/2016 replaced by SRO-129/2020 (Agricultural Machinery)
10. SRO-150/2013 replaced by SRO-130/2020 (Ship Machinery Equipment)
11. SRO-158/2019 replaced by SRO-131/2020 (Compressor Manufacturing Ind.)
12. SRO-202/1995 & 146/2009 replaced by SRO-132/2020 (Oil-Gas)
13. SRO-105/1999 replaced by SRO-133/2020 (CNG Convertion Kit)
14. SRO-67/2020 replaced by SRO-134/2020 (BEPZA other Goods)
15. SRO-163/2019 replaced by SRO-135/2020 (Tariff Value & Minimum Value)
16. SRO-143/2009 replaced by SRO-186/2020 (Agricultural Pesticide)
17. Customs Agents Licensing Rules, 2016 replaced by Customs Agents Licensing Rules, 2020 (SRO-333/2020)
01. SRO-20/2011 repealed by SRO-120/2020
01. SRO-157/2019 (Elevator-Lift Manufacturing Industry)
02. SRO-158/2019 (Compressor Manufacturing Industry)
03. SRO-159/2019 (Shoe Manufacturing Industry)
04. SRO-219/2019 (Paper)
05. SRO-223/2019 (RD)
01. SRO-128/2017 amended by SRO-144/2019 (Capital Machinery)
02. SRO-122/2014 amended by SRO-145/2019 (Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials)
03. SRO-203/2015 amended by SRO-146/2019 (Anti Cancer Raw Materials)
04. SRO-160/2012 amended by SRO-147/2019 (Poultry Industries)
05. SRO-130/2017 amended by SRO-148/2019 (Poultry Feed Manufacturing Ind)
06. SRO-132/2017 amended by SRO-149/2019 (Cellular Phone)
07. SRO-148/2018 amended by SRO-150/2019 (VAT Registered Munufacturers)
08. SRO-137/2009 amended by SRO-151/2019 (Ref. Hospital)
09. SRO-155/2004 amended by SRO-152/2019 (Solar Panel Raw Materials)
10. SRO-158/2017 amended by SRO-153/2019 (Fire Fighting Equipment)
11. SRO-133/2017 amended by SRO-154/2019 (Mold)
12. SRO-155/2017 amended by SRO-155/2019 (Motor Cycle)
13. Baggege Rules-2016 amended by SRO-156/2019
14. SRO-145/2015 amended by SRO-160/2019 (Toy Manufacturing Industries)
15. SRO-143/2009 amended by SRO-161/2019 (Pesticide)
16. SRO-197/2018 amended by SRO-162/2019 (RD Imposed)
17. SRO-148/2018 amended by SRO-220/2019 (VAT Registered Manufacturers)
18. SRO-158/2019 amended by SRO-221/2019 (Compressor Manufacturing Ind.)
19. SRO-197/2018 amended by SRO-222/2019 (RD)
20. SRO-163/2019 amended by SRO-224/2019 (Tariff Value & Minimum Value)
21. All SRO of VAT Act, 1991 amended by SRO-225/2019
01. SRO-165/2016 replaced by SRO-163/2019 (Tariff Value & Minimum Value)
01. SRO-270/2018 & SRO-283/2018 repealed by SRO-143/2019
01. SRO-197/2018 (RD)
02. SRO-198/2018 (Seal and Lock Rules, 2018)
01. SRO-158/2017 amended by SRO-78/2018 (Fire Equipment)
02. SRO-128/2017 amended by SRO-145/2018 (Capital Machinery)
03. SRO-122/2014 amended by SRO-146/2018 (Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials)
04. SRO-132/2017 amended by SRO-147/2018 (Cellular Phone Manufacturer)
05. SRO-136/2017 amended by SRO-149/2018 (Computer Parts)
06. SRO-151/2016 amended by SRO-150/2018 (Textile Industries Machinery)
07. SRO-137/2009 amended by SRO-151/2018 (Referral Hospital)
08. SRO-203/2015 amended by SRO-152/2018 (Anti Cancer Raw Materials)
09. SRO - 37/2011 amended by SRO-153/2018 (Energy Saving Lamps Industry)
10. SRO-218/2017 amended by SRO-154/2018 (Recondition Car)
11. SRO-155/2017 amended by SRO-155/2018 (Motor Cycle)
12. SRO-131/2017 amended by SRO-156/2018 (Computer Manufacturer)
13. SRO-158/2017 amended by SRO-157/2018 (Firefighting Equipment)
14. SRO-150/2013 amended by SRO-158/2018 (Shipbuilding Machinery)
15. SRO-219/2017 amended by SRO-159/2018 (RD Imposed)
16. SRO-128/2017 amended by SRO-192/2018 (Capital Machinery)
17. SRO-148/2018 amended by SRO-193/2018 (VAT Registered Manufacturers)
18. SRO-136/2017 amended by SRO-194/2018 (Computer & Computer Parts)
19. SRO-132/2017 amended by SRO-195/2018 (Cell Phone Industry)
20. SRO-143/2009 amended by SRO-192/2018 (Imported Pesticide)
01. SRO-148/2016 replaced by SRO-148/2018 (VAT Registered Manufacturers)
02. SRO - 28/2014 replaced by SRO-218/2018 (Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials)
01. SRO-204/2017 repealed by SRO-143/2018 (Rice Import)
02. SRO-108/2018 repealed by SRO-144/2018 (Coated Calcium Carbonate Import)
01. SRO-57/2017 (Capital Machinery - EPZ)
02. SRO-131/2017 (Computer/Laptop Assembly Manufacturer)
03. SRO-132/2017 (Cellular Phone Manufacturer)
04. SRO-133/2017 (Mould Manufacturer)
05. SRO-134/2017 (Pharma/Food Grade Water Generating Mechineries Products)
06. SRO-157/2017 (Regulatory Duty Impose)
07. SRO-219/2017 (RD)
08. SRO-204/2017 (Rice)
01. SRO-122/2014 amended by SRO-129/2017 (Raw Materials for Madicine Ind.)
02. SRO-148/2016 amended by SRO-135/2017 (Raw Materials for VAT Reg. Ind.)
03. SRO-151/2016 amended by SRO-137/2017 (Textile)
04. SRO-154/2016 amended by SRO-138/2017 (Agricultural Machinary Parts)
05. SRO-160/2012 amended by SRO-139/2017 (Poultry Industry Machinary)
06. SRO-137/2009 amended by SRO-140/2017 (Referral Hospital)
07. SRO-161/2016 amended by SRO-141/2017 (Pre-fabricated Building Materials)
08. SRO-165/2016 amended by SRO-142/2017 (Tariff and Minimum Value)
09. SRO-203/2015 amended by SRO-143/2017 (Raw Materials for Cancer Drug)
10. SRO-164/2016 amended by SRO-144/2017 (Baggage Rules, 2016)
11. SRO-174/2016 amended by SRO-145/2017 (Customs Agents Licensing
Rules, 2016)

12. SRO-188/2016 amended by SRO-146/2017 (Advanced Ruling Rules, 2016)
13. Courier Service Rules, 2016 amended by SRO-147/2017
14. Freight Forwarders Rules, 2008 amended by SRO-148/2017
15. SRO-56/2013 amended by SRO-149/2017 (Bhutan Agreemnet)
16. SRO-37/2011 amended by SRO-150/2017 (Energy Lamp)
17. SRO-50/2014 amended by SRO-151/2017 (Tourism Industry)
18. SRO-143/2009 amended by SRO-152/2017 (Pesticide Formulation)
19. SRO-179/2014 amended by SRO-153/2017 (LPG Cylinder Mfg. Industry)
20. SRO-149/2013 amended by SRO-154/2017 (Recnd. Motor Car & Vehicle)
21. SRO-128/2017 amended by SRO-212/2017 (Capital Machinery)
22. SRO-148/2016 amended by SRO-213/2017 (Raw Materials for VAT Reg. Ind.)
23. SRO-130/2017 amended by SRO-214/2017 (Dairy/Poultry/Fish Feed)
24. SRO-122/2014 amended by SRO-215/2017 (Pharmaceutical)
25. SRO-151/2016 amended by SRO-216/2017 (Textile)
26. SRO-170/2009 amended by SRO-217/2017 (Solar Modules/Panel)
01. SRO-135/2015 replaced by SRO-128/2017 (Capital Machinery)
02. SRO-214/2016 replaced by SRO-130/2017 (Dairy/Poultry/Fish Feed)
03. SRO-32/2016 replaced by SRO-136/2017 (Computer Parts)
04. SRO-155/2016 replaced by SRO-155/2017 (Motor Cycle)
05. SRO-160/2016 replaced by SRO-158/2017 (Fire Equipment)
06. SRO-149/2013 replaced by SRO-218/2017 (Recondition Car)
01. SRO-232/2016 repealed by SRO-126/2017 (Raw Materials for Medicine Industry)
02. SRO-47/2017 repealed by SRO-127/2017 (Self Adhesive Tape)
03. SRO-156/2016 repealed by SRO-156/2017 (Hybrid Car)
01. SRO-148/2016 (Raw materials imported by VAT registered manufaturing industries)
02. SRO-154/2016 (Agricultural machinery parts)
03. SRO-155/2016 (Progressive manufacturing of motor cycle)
04. SRO-157/2016 (Human hauler)
05. SRO-166/2016 (Amusement park)
06. SRO-167/2016 (RD imposition)
07. SRO-188/2016 (Advanced Rulings Rules, 2016)
08. SRO-223/2016 (RD imposition)
01. SRO-135/2015 amended by SRO-147/2016 (Capital Machinery)
02. SRO-122/2014 amended by SRO-149/2016 (Pharmaceutical raw materials)
03. SRO-32/2016 amended by SRO-150/2016 (Computer equipments)
04. SRO-147/2013 amended by SRO-153/2016 (Dairy/Poultry feed)
05. SRO-137/2009 amended by SRO-158/2016 (Referral hospital)
06. SRO-50/2014 amended by SRO-159/2016 (Hotel)
07. SRO-145/2015 amended by SRO-162/2016 (Toy manufacturing industry)
08. SRO-155/2014 amended by SRO-163/2016 (Solar panel)
09. SRO-143/2009 amended by SRO-168/2016 (Insecticide)
10. SRO-11/2005 amended by SRO-169/2016 (Dhaka clean fuel project)
11. SRO-37/2011 amended by SRO-170/2016 (Energy saving lamp manufacturing industry)
12. SRO-150/2013 amended by SRO-171/2016 (Ship building industry)
13. SRO-160/2012 amended by SRO-172/2016 (Dairy/Poultry industry)
14. SRO-203/2015 amended by SRO-173/2016 (Importation of raw materials for cancer drugs)
15. SRO-135/2015 amended by SRO-213/2016 (Capital Machinery)
16. SRO-161/2016 amended by SRO-215/2016 (Pre-fabricated building meterials imported by 100% export oriented industry)
17. SRO-50/2014 amended by SRO-216/2016 (Hotel)
18. SRO-165/2016 amended by SRO-218/2016 (Tariff & minimum value)
19. SRO-148/2016 amended by SRO-219/2016 (Raw materials imported by VAT registered manufaturing industries)
20. SRO-174/2016 amended by SRO-220/2016 (Customs Agents Licensing Rules, 2016)
21. SRO-151/2016 amended by SRO-221/2016 (Textile sector)
22. SRO-143/2009 amended by SRO-222/2016 (Insecticide)
23. SRO-174/2016 amended by SRO-372/2016 (Customs Agent Licensing Rules)
24. SRO-160/2016 (Fire equipment) amended by NBR Order No. 43/2017/Cus
01. SRO-178/2010 replaced by SRO-151/2016 (Textile sector)
02. SRO-169/2005 replaced by SRO-152/2016 (Leather sector)
03. SRO-121/2014 replaced by SRO-156/2016 (Hybrid car)
04. SRO-145/2014 replaced by SRO-160/2016 (Fire equipment imported by 100% export oriented industry)
05. SRO-137/2014 replaced by SRO-161/2016 (Pre-fabricated building meterials imported by 100% export oriented industry)
06. Baggage Rules, 2012 replaced by Baggage Rules, 2016
07. SRO-146/2013 replaced by SRO-165/2016 (Tariff & minimum value)
08. Customs Agents Licensing Rules, 2009 replaced by Customs Agents
000Licensing Rules, 2016 (SRO-174/2016)

09. SRO-147/2013 replaced by SRO-214/2016 (Dairy/Poultry feed)
01. SRO-306/2015 repealed by SRO-145/2016 (Cassava)
02. SRO-353/2015, 362/2015 & 46/2016 repealed by SRO-146/2016 (RD on Copper bar, Plate & tube, Rice & ferro-alloy)
01. SRO-136/2015 (Sugar Import)
02. SRO-145/2015 (Goods Import for Toy Making Industry)
03. SRO-146/2015 (Goods Import for Tant Industry)
04. SRO-203/2015 (Cancer Drug Import)
05. SRO-207/2015 (Write Off Rules)
06. SRO-208/2015 (Developers of BEZA)
07. SRO-209/2015 (Investors of BEZA)
08. SRO-210/2015 (Vehicle Import in BEZA)
09. SRO-211/2015 (Rules for BEZA)
10. SRO-212/2015 (Capital Machinery Import for Hi-tech Park)
11. SRO-213/2015 (Vehicle Import for Hi-tech Park)
12. SRO-214/2015 (Rules for Hi-tech Park)
13. SRO-215/2015 (Regulatory Duty)
14. SRO-276/2015 (Imposition of Regulatory Duty on Sugar)
15. SRO-306/2015 (Duty Exemption on Manioc (Cassava) Starch, Other Starches)
16. SRO-352/2015 (Duty Exemption on Hi-tech Park developers)
17. SRO-353/2015 (Imposition of Regulatory Duty on Copper)
18. SRO-362/2015 (Imposition of Regulatory Duty on Rice)
01. SRO-150/2013 amended by SRO-137/2015 (Goods Import for Ship Builders)
02. SRO-160/2012 amended by SRO-138/2015 (Machinery for Dairy/Poultry)
03. SRO-147/2013 amended by SRO-139/2015 (Food Import for Dairy/Poultry)
04. SRO-122/2014 amended by SRO-140/2015 (Pharmacuticals)
05. SRO-137/2009 amended by SRO-141/2015 (Machinery for Refaral Hospital)
06. SRO-146/2013 amended by SRO-142/2015 (Tariff Value Fixed Up)
07. SRO-158/2008 amended by SRO-143/2015(Machinery for Telecommunication)
08. SRO-73/1997 amended by SRO-144/2015 (Machinery Import for Non-Govt.
Electrical Power Development)

09. SRO-325/2000 amended by SRO-147/2015 (Chemical for Paper Indutry)
10. SRO-145/2014 amended by SRO-148/2015 (Goods for Garments Sector)
11. SRO-137/2014 amended by SRO-149/2015 (Pre Fabricated Building Import)
12. Baggage Rules, 2012 amended by SRO-150/2015
13. Tourist Baggage Rules, 1981 amended by SRO-151/2015
14. Transfer of Residence Rules, 2000 amended by SRO-152/2015
15. Bonded Warehouse Licensing Rules, 2018 amended by SRO-153/2015
16. SRO-157/2011 amended by SRO-154/2015(Computer & Computer Instrument)
17. SRO-343/2013 amended by SRO-155/2015 (Fertilizer Import)
18. SRO-169/2005 amended by SRO-156/2015 (Goods Import for Tannery Sector)
19. SRO-50/2014 amended by SRO-157/2015 (Goods Import for Hotel Sector)
20. SRO-11/2005 amended by SRO-158/2015 (Dhaka Clean Fuel Program)
21. SRO-178/2010 amended by SRO-159/2015 (Capital Machinery for Textile)
22. SRO-135/2015 amended by SRO-202/2015 (Capital Machinery)
23. SRO-145/2014 amended by SRO-204/2015
24. SRO-160/2012 amended by SRO-205/2015 (Poultry/Dairy)
25. Freight Forwarders Licensing Rules, 2008 amended by SRO-206/2015
26. SRO-146/2013 amended by SRO-275/2015
27. SRO-146/2013 amended by SRO-378/2015
28. SRO-210/2015 amended by SRO-312/2015
01. SRO-157/2012 replaced by SRO-135/2015 (Capital Machinery)
01. SRO-134/2009 & SRO-43/2015 repealed by SRO-131/2015 (Onion Import)
02. SRO-95/2015 repealed by SRO-132/2015 (Rice Import)
03. SRO-288/2014 repealed by SRO-133/2015 (Coal Import)
04. SRO-74/2005 repealed by SRO-134/2015 (Electric Sector Development)
05. SRO-148/2013 repealed by SRO-200/2015 (New Car)
06. SRO-136/2015 repealed by SRO-201/2015 (Sugar)
01. SRO-292/2012 (Import Duty of Ginger)
02. SRO-262/2012 (Export Prohibited of Rice)
01. SRO-157/2011 amended by SRO-165/2012 (Computer)
02. SRO-137/2009 amended by SRO-166/2012 (Refarel Hospitals)
03. SRO-163/2007 amended by SRO-167/2012 (Import Seed)
04. SRO-139/2009 amended by SRO-168/2012 (Hybrid Car)
05. SRO-178/2010 amended by SRO-169/2012 (Textile Mills Equipment)
06. SRO-143/2009 amended by SRO-170/2012 (Pestiside)
07. SRO-325/2000 amended by SRO-171/2012 (Chemical of Paper Industries)
08. Customs Agents Licensing Rules, 2009 amended by SRO-173/2012
09. SRO-340/2011 amended by SRO-174/2012 (Textile Mill Raw Materials)
10. SRO-280/2011 amended by SRO-175/2012 (Shipping Industries)
11. SRO-105/1999 amended by SRO-176/2012 (Oil, Gas, CNG)
12. Freight Forwarders Licensing Rules, 2008 amended by SRO-177/2012
13. SRO-261-2009 amended by SRO-315/2012 (Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials)
14. VAT Act, 1991 amended by SRO-40/2012
15. VAT Act, 1991 amended by SRO-41/2012
16. SRO-80-Law/2012/2382/Cus (RD Increased)
17. SRO-81-Law/2012/2383/Cus (RD Increased)
01. SRO-154/2011 replaced by SRO-157/2012 (Capital Machinery)
02. SRO-155/2011 replaced by SRO-158/2012 (Sugar)
03. SRO-158/2011 replaced by SRO-178/2012 (PSI Examption)
04. SRO-159/2011 replaced by SRO-159/2012 (Teriff Value)
05. SRO-176/2010 replaced by SRO-160/2012 (Poultry)
06. SRO-160/2011 replaced by SRO-161/2012 (Pharma)
07. SRO-165/2011 replaced by SRO-172/2012 (Baggage Rules)
08. SRO-167/2011 replaced by SRO-162/2012 (Recondition Car)
09. SRO-298/2011 replaced by SRO-163/2012 (Value for New Car)
10. SRO-124/1996 replaced by SRO-164/2012 (Hasing Egg)
01. SRO-344/2011 & SRO-01/2012 repealed by 156/2012
02. SRO-35/2011 repealed by SRO-44/2012


01. SRO-182/2010 (Transhipment Rules, 2010)
02. SRO-190/2010 (Imported for New Car)
03. SRO-194/2010 (Imported of Stationary & Equipment for Foreign
lllll Air Organization)
01. SRO-11/2005 amended by SRO-185/2010 (Dhaka Clean Fuel Project)
02. SRO-325/2000 amended by SRO-189/2010 (Import for De Inking Chemicals)
03. SRO-292/2007 amended by SRO-186/2010 (Industrial Salt)
04. SRO-183/2009 aamended by SRO-173/2010 (Regulatory Duty Imposed)
05. SRO-172/2008 amended by SRO-177/2010 (Poultry Feed)
06. SRO-171/2008 amended by SRO-180/2010 (Exemption on Computer &
llllll Computer Accessories)

07. SRO-169/2005 amended by SRO-179/2010 (Raw Material for Leather Industry)
08. SRO-163/2007 amended by SRO-188/2010 (Imported for Seed)
09. SRO-158/2008 amended by SRO-187/2010 (Telecommunication Equipment)
10. SRO-150/2009 amended by SRO-196/2010 (Customs Agents Licensing
llllll Rules-09)

11. SRO-145/2009 amended by SRO-192/2010 (Tarrif Value)
12. SRO-143/2009 amended by SRO-181/2010 (Pesticide Formulation)
13. SRO-141/2009 amended by SRO-191/2010 (Import for Recondition Car)
14. SRO-137/2009 amended by SRO-184/2010 (Referral Hospital)
15. SRO-74/2005 amended by SRO-183/2010 (PSDP)
16. Notification-261/2009 amended by Notification-282/2010 (Antibiotic Raw
llllll Materials)

17. Freight Forwarders Rules, 2008 Amended by SRO-197/2010
18. SRO-58/2008 amended by SRO-260/2010 (Rental Power Plant)
01. SRO-266/2009 replaced by SRO-175/2010 (Raw Material for Pharmaceutical)
02. SRO-168/2008 replaced by SRO-174/2010 (Capital Machinery)
03. SRO-144/2009 replaced by SRO-193/2010 (PSI Exemption)
04. SRO-119/2006 replaced by SRO-178/2010 (Textile Machinery & Equipment)
05. SRO-117/2006 replaced by SRO-176/2010 (Poultry Machinery & Equipment)
06. Baggage Rules, 2009 replaced by Baggage Rules, 2010
07. SRO-115/2010 replaced by SRO-238/2010
01. SRO-46/2009 & 62/2010 repealed by SRO-169/2010
02. SRO-99/2010 repealed by SRO-172/2010
03. SRO-206/2009 repealed by SRO-170/2010
04. SRO-207/2009 repealed by SRO-171/2010

01. SRO-139/2009 (Imported for Hybrid Car)
02. SRO-146/2009 (Imported Machinery for Petrobangla (BAPEX))
03. SRO-138/2009 (Imported Phosphoric Acid for Fertilizer Industry (DAP))
04. Notification-149/2009 (Reward Rules, 2009)
05. SRO-120/2009 & 121/2009 (Regulatory Duty Imposed)

01. Freight Forward Rules, 2008 amended by SRO-148/2009
02. SRO-11/2005 amended by SRO-127/2009 (Dhaka Clean Fuel Project)
03. SRO-74/2005 amended by SRO-131/09 (Power Sector Development Project)
04. SRO-117/2006 amended by SRO-124/2009 (Poultry Machinery)
05. SRO-119/2006 amended by SRO-125/2009 (Textile Machinery)
06. SRO-124/1996 amended by SRO-130/2009 (Imported for Hatching Egg)
07. SRO-144/2007 amended by SRO-136/2009 (Imported for Newsprint)
08. SRO-155/2004 amended by SRO-128/2009 (Solar Pannel)
09. SRO-163/2007 amended by SRO-129/2009 (Imported for Seed)
10. SRO-168/2008 amended by SRO-122/2009 (Capital Machinery)
11. SRO-172/2008 amended by SRO-123/2009 (Poultry Feed)
12. SRO-213/2006 amended by SRO-134/2009 (Import for Onion)
13. SRO-292/2007 amended by SRO-135/2009 (Industrial Salt)
14. SRO-325/2000 amended by SRO-132/2009 (Import for De-inking Chemicals)
15. SRO-171/2008 amended by SRO-133/2009 (Exemption on Computer &
llllll Computer Accessories)
01. Baggage Rules, 2008 replaced by Baggage Rules, 2009
02. Customs Agents Licensing Rules, 1986 replaced by Customs Agents
000Licensing Rules, 2009

03. SRO-133/2005 replaced by SRO-137/2009 (Referral Hospital)
04. SRO-139/2007 replaced by SRO-140/2009 (Raw Material for Pharmaceutical)
05. SRO-150/2005 replaced by SRO-261/2009 (Antibiotic Raw Materials)
06. SRO-168/2008 replaced by SRO-144/2009 (PSI Exemption)
07. SRO-170/2005 replaced by SRO-145/2009 (Imposed on Tariff Value)
08. SRO-170/2008 replaced by SRO-141/2009 (Recondition Motor Vehicle)
09. SRO-211/2008 replaced by SRO-262/2009 (Customs Stations Import
llllll Regulations)

10. SRO-Pesitiside replaced by SRO-143/2009 (Pesticide Formulation)
11. Taxicab SRO replaced by SRO-151/2009 (Exemption for Taxicab)
01. SRO-118/2006 repealed by SRO-142/2009 (Pesticide Formulation SRO)
02. SRO-56/2009 repealed by SRO-126/2009 (Import for Taxicab)

01. SRO-181-Law/2008/2209/Cus (Bonded Warehouse Licensing Rules, 2008)
02. SRO-171-Law/2008/2199/Cus (Computer)
03. Notification-218/2008/Cus (Diamond)
04. Order-14/2008 (Entitlement Order)
05. SRO-279-Law/2008/2117/Cus
06. SRO-158-Law/2008/2189/Cus
07. SRO-58-Law/2008/2181/Cus (Rental Power Plant)
01. SRO-56/1999 Amended by SRO-177/2008 (Texi Cab)
02. SRO-105/1999 Amended by SRO-178/2008 (Oil, Gas, CNG)
03. SRO-117/2006 Amended by SRO-173/08 (Poultry)
04. SRO-74/2005 Amended by SRO-176/08 (Power Development Project (PSDP))
05. SRO-61/1992 Amended by SRO-179/2008 (Relief)
06. SRO-119/2006 Amended by SRO-174/2008 (Textile)
07. SRO-139/2007 Amended by SRO-175/2008 (Pharma)
08. Customs Agents (Licensing) Rules, 1986 Amended by SRO-180/2008
09. SRO-325/2000 Amended by SRO-183/2007 (De-inking)
10. SRO-158/2008 Amended by SRO-219/2008
11. SRO-158/2008 Amended by SRO-220/2008
01. SRO-138/2007 Replaced by SRO-168/2008 (Capital Machinery)
02. SRO-143/2007 Replaced by SRO-169/2008 (PSI)
03. SRO-141/2007 Replaced by SRO-170/2008 (Recondition Motor Vehicle)
04. SRO-168/2005 Replaced by SRO-172/2008 (Poultry)
05. Baggage Rules-2006 Replaced by Baggage Rules-2008
06. Notification-183/2007 Replaced by Notification-211/2008 (L. C. Station)
07. Notification-184/2007 Replaced by Notification-212/2008 (Bond-Exporter)
08. Notification-185/2007 & 193/2007 Replaced by Notification-213/2008
llllll (Diplomatic Bond)

01. SRO-243/2007 & 277/2007 Repealed by SRO-163/2008
02. SRO-278/2007 & 68/2008 Repealed by SRO-165/2008
03. SRO-60/2008 Repealed by SRO-164/2008
04. SRO-151/1999 Repealed by SRO-167/2008
05. Notification-104/2000 Repealed by SRO-166/2008
06. SRO-26/2008 Repealed by SRO-184/2008


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